Aegis Command Quick Reference

Aegis Command Reference

Developer Command Summary

Change Directories

    $ aecd -p proj_name -c change_num

Begin Development:

    $ aedb

Undo Begin Development:

    $ aedbu

Copy files

    $ aecp

Administrator Commands

Change Administration

Creating a new change:

    $ aenc -p proj_name

Amending a change:

    $ aeca -p proj_name -c change_num

Viewing outstanding changes

    $ ael oc -p proj_name

Other viewing options:

    !!!!! List Administrators|Developers|Reviewers|Integrators for a particular project
]$ ael [a|d|r|i] -p proj_name
!!!!! Show project files
]$ ael pf -p proj_name

Project Administration:

Creating a new project

    $ aenpr proj_name -DIR /home/aegis/proj_name -version -

Creating project administrators:

    $ aena &username -p proj_name

Creating project developers:

    $ aend username -p proj_name

Creating project reviewers:

    $ aenrv username -p proj_name

Creating project integrators:

    $ aeni username -p proj_name

Removing a project:

    $ aermpr <proj_name>

Edit project attributes:

    $ aepa -p <proj_name>

New Change Example: creation, build, test and integration into baseline

Create our new change change:

    $ aenc -p project1

(change 9999 created)

Begin development on the change:

    $ aedb -p project1 -c 9999

Copy and edit some files for the change:

    $ aecd -p project1 -c 9999
$ aecp readme.txt
$ emacs readme.txt

Modification complete, so check for differences, conflicts:

    $ aed -p project1 -c 9999
$ cs

Okay.. Now make the build:

    $ aeb -p project1 -c 9999

Run the regression tests:

    $ aet -reg -p project1 -c 9999

If the tests pass, pass the integration:

    $ cd /home/aegis/project1 (get out of change directory)
$ aeipass -p project1 -c 9999

End development of the change:

    $ aede -p project1 -c 99999

Ask someone to review your change (or 'su' to someone else)

    $ emacs readme.txt,D

If happy with the change, pass the review:

    $ aerpass -p project1 -c 9999

Crap.. is this correct? I know something else happens now...

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